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August 25, 2021
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November 3, 2021

Revive Your Property with Exbury Homes’ Refurbishments

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Over time, your needs are going to change. If you love the location and the memories that live in your house, you should turn to us to revamp your property with a modernising refurbishment. At Exbury Homes, we can update the fixtures to improve energy efficiency. From combination boilers to double-glazed windows, we supply and install any solution to suit your needs. Homeowners, landlords, and housing associations can all make use of our luxury house and home refurbishments.

Living in the Now

With our refurbishments, Hampshire residents and landlords can give the interior and exterior of their houses a new lease on life. We can remodel the inside and improve the layout by making use of the existing space. For example, we can replace your central heating with a sparkling new system for optimum efficiency. We can tailor your space to suit all your needs, including installing a ground floor toilet and reshuffling your space to fit mobility equipment. We are also able to improve security by fitting advanced locking systems on your doors.

Modern Efficiency

With a range of renovation solutions, we can help you meet modern standards of energy efficiency and earth-conscious living. Inside, we can add cavity wall and loft insulation to reduce heat loss and your energy bills. For the exterior of your house, we can swap out old windows for double-glazed glass. Double glazing is an excellent solution for reducing street noise, drafts, and condensation inside your house.

Refine Your Property Portfolio

With the Future Homes Standard set to be introduced by 2025, landlords must keep up with the energy efficiency expected for new builds. With our services, landlords can improve a single property or multiple properties within a portfolio to be draught free and more environmentally conscious.

Contact Us

With over three decades of business, we have supplied the highest level of artisanship to individuals and housing associations. If you want to revive or update your property, get in touch with our team by calling 01329 661840, or emailing Find out more about us and our house extensions and refurbishments by staying up to date with the latest news on our blog.