Eco House Builders

Tomorrow’s homes, here today, thanks to Exbury Homes’ approach to eco house construction

There are two possible reasons as to why you might choose an eco house. Firstly, you may be concerned about the environment and wish to do your bit. Secondly, you may have read about their energy efficiency credentials and the savings on your utility bills.

Over the last decade, owning an eco house has risen in popularity. Before long, they could become ‘the new normal’ which is why Exbury Homes are building tomorrow’s homes today. Our structures use eco-friendly timber with a Super E rating, thanks to our working relationship with the Canadian Timberframe Specialists.

What’s more, the timber is specially treated to prevent dry rot and wet rot. We use the strongest timber on the market, making an Exbury Homes eco house the most durable and safest structure of its kind. As with all our building and construction work, everything is done on time and on budget.

Why go for an eco house?

  • Striking designs: today’s eco houses are available in state-of-the-art or traditional styles. Whether your ideal eco home has Edwardian leanings or is inspired by the Teletubbies, we can make that possible.
  • Energy efficiency: unlike an older property, energy efficiency is improved. For example: roofs could have solar panels, or improved insulation by means of a green roof with grass or sedum. Some eco houses work on the Passivhaus principles, which dramatically cuts your heating bills.
  • Breathable materials: as well as grass roofs and sustainably managed timbers, other touches may include wooden framed windows.

If you fancy living in one of tomorrow’s homes in the near future, why not call us on 01329 661840 or send us an email addressed to All quotes are free and on a no-obligation basis.