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January 14, 2020
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All About House Refurbishments
September 8, 2020

Refurbishments – The Vim and Vigour of your Dream Property

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What questions should you ask building contractors?

When dealing with home refurbishments, Exbury homes Ltd. are experts is giving your property new strength and energy, without taking away the individuality that we all expect to emulate in our own homes that makes a property really yours to truly love and inhabit.

Sharing your vision of the potential in a new existing property, or having a vision for the beloved family home you have already owned for many years, is what we do best.  It becomes not only a skill set, to be able to have the knowledge and expertise to perform DIY work for renovations and refurbishments, but a passion, when you learn to appreciate other people’s styles, needs and creative imagination in much the same way you can admire a painters artistry and personal outlook.

What is Vim and Vigour?

Imagine an old barn or a cottage, left to the wear and tear of time, without anyone to own it, care for it or live within it.  Although it may be situated in a picturesque location and be the skeleton of what was once a beautiful property, it no longer looks strong, orderly or loved.  Injecting joy and energy into a property, involves a lot more than just moving in some furniture and giving the walls a lick of paint.  Ownership involves using individualism to make a house a home, and injects energy into every corner of its being.  Using innovative ideas, expert craftmanship, and combining functionality with luxury, energy and strength (or ‘vigour and vim’) we make sure that your personal needs and requirements are added to your luxury house refurbishment.

You may also imagine a more uniform set of houses, produced by a good quality property developer, but looking much like the next.  You like the location, you love the neighbourhood, you appreciate the quality of the property, but the building itself is lacking.

Rather than settle for the identikit vibe, you wish to use this blank canvas, to absorb and then reflect the distinctiveness of you and your family.  You wish to express the ebullience of you and your life and future goals.  Using the proficiency and professionalism of a company experienced at home refurbishments, Hampshire residents can begin to reshape and redirect the energy and strength of their home with a house extension refurbishment.

Public house refurbishment – Inspiring the Community

What would you require from a local restaurant, café, or public house?  Does a simple functional building make a good place to eat and socialise?  Most people would reply in the negative and agree that when you dine, drink and socialise, you need to be inspired, infused and encouraged while you are there.  Giving a public house a suitable vibe, one that suits the food and people that visit is part of the Exbury Homes Ltd. services.  We can support your vision for your business and the needs and vision for the community.

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