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September 8, 2020
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At Exbury Homes Ltd, we offer a comprehensive building service, covering everything you could require when starting a new housing project, from the planning stages of realising your creative vision, to the practical aspects of construction, and transforming your dream home into reality. Based in Hampshire, we are pleased to support your building project throughout the region and surrounding areas. Today we are focussing on our provision of eco house builders, for those who are looking to develop new build eco homes in Hampshire and beyond.


What is an Eco Home?

When we use the word ‘eco’ or ‘eco-friendly’, we are describing something as not harming the environment. It may refer to something that helps to conserve resources such as water or energy, or it may mean that it prevents contributing to the pollution of the planet’s air, water or land. When it comes to building an eco-home, it goes beyond the small steps of individual habits, and encourages a green lifestyle, whereby the home itself is built in a way that lessens any negative impact on the environment. A true eco home will also go beyond avoiding a negative impact, by using sustainable energy in order to have a positive impact on the environment.


Features of Our Eco Homes

Whilst the concept of an eco-home has grown in popularity within the last decade, it is still something seen as futuristic and yet to be the norm, so if you’re looking for a specialist service in order to make a difference on the environmental issues you care about, then look no further. Our eco house builders create structures with eco-friendly timbre that boasts a Super E rating. We are able to offer this to our clients due to our working relationship with Canadian timber frame specialists, ensuring you have the best quality build. Other examples of features that your new build eco home could have includes the use of solar panels, improved insulation, a green roof with grass or sedum, wooden-framed windows and other features using breathable materials.


No Compromise on Quality

Some people have the misconception that because something is eco-friendly that it can’t be as good quality as alternative products. However, we believe that the timber we use to be the best on the market with regards to its strength, and it also has the added bonus of being treated so that it is able to prevent both dry rot and wet rot. When building an eco-home, it is important that the timber foundation rates highly in terms of safety and sturdiness.


Other Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Home

As well as the knowledge that with your eco home you are doing your bit for the environment, it also has added benefits. The main concept of an eco-home is to increase your home’s energy efficiency. This in turn impacts positively on your energy usage, which means you will see your bills decrease, thus saving you money in the long-term.  Additionally, we can also let you into the secret of ‘passivhaus’ (German for ‘passive house’) principles. This is a known standard of requirements that includes the use of up to 15 kWh/m2 annually for heating and cooling, up to 60 kWh/m2 each year for primary energy (including heating, hot water and electricity), and Leak air up to 0.6 times the house volume per hour (n50 ≤ 0.6 / hour) at 50 Pa (0.0073 psi).


Contact Us

To discover how Exbury Homes can help with your new build eco home in West Sussex and Hampshire, arrange an appointment with us by calling us on 01329 661840, send us an email to info@exburyhomes.co.uk, or visit our contact page. We will be pleased to discuss any queries you may have and we can provide free no-obligation quotations.