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All About Our Eco Homes
November 13, 2020
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January 22, 2021

All About Our New Builds

New homes development

Here at Exbury Homes Ltd, we cover everything you could need when starting a new housing project, from the logistics of implementing your creative vision, to the practical elements of construction, and turning that vision into reality. Located in Hampshire, we are happy to help with local new house building project throughout the region and surrounding areas.


Our Experienced Workforce


Our company was founded in 1988, so when you choose Exbury Homes Ltd for your new housing project, you can take advantage of over 30 years of experience. Our services cover everything that you could need to build a new home from as little as a plot of land. Our experienced workforce includes a team of building contractors, engineers and builders. All work together towards your vision with you, gaining an understanding of the architectural needs, and working as efficiently as possible to see your dreams to fruition.


Everything You Need


When you are looking for a new build, it may be that you are working from scratch, or you may want an extension to an existing property to use your surrounding land in the best way.  Your new building project may also be a case of refurbishing your existing space. Whatever you need, we have everything to guarantee our clients can select from a range of services for new construction projects. If you would like to build your dream luxury home we can help to make sure that your building meets current regulation standards.


Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable


Over the years, we appreciate our customers have an increased desire to collaborate ideas when it comes to eco-construction and green housing. If this is an important issue to you, we can make sure to use environmentally sustainable materials when constructing the building. In turn, this can also help to improve the energy consumption of a property. If you would like your property to be environmentally friendly and sustainable for the future of the planet, then we will be glad to help you make this a priority when building your new home.


A Dependable and Responsible Team


We know how important it is that builders, engineers and anyone else involved in your new build is as dedicated to successfully completing the project as you are. We believe our team members that will be working on your new build project are the best around, as you can depend on them to be responsible for each task in hand, aiming to complete the job efficiently yet taking the time to make sure everything is done properly. We contract staff who are highly trained professionals, sure to have all the skills needed for the job and able to follow the necessary building regulations. Our workforce also guarantees use of the best quality building materials, whilst also selecting those that are suitable in terms of any budgetary limitations.


Contact Us


To find out more about how Exbury Homes can help with your new build in West Sussex and Hampshire, book an appointment with us by calling us on 01329 661840, send us an email to, or visit our contact page. We will be happy to discuss any questions you may have and we can provide free no-obligation quotations.