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December 8, 2020
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March 16, 2021

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Increasing numbers of UK homeowners are choosing to build their own house.  There are many attractions of designing and constructing your own home, including achieving exactly the size, shape and style of residence you want, as well as simply having something which is completely unique.  But new house builders can find the process to be full of challenges too, and these can come in many forms: bureaucratic, logistical, practical, and so on.

The first challenge can be to find a suitable location for your build.  Of course, we would all love to situate our dream home on a hilltop, amid fields and woodland, with a view over the sea.  But understandably, when contacted about land for new house builds Uk councils must consider factors such as green areas, the rights of local communities, and so on.  To allow new luxury home builders to just throw up properties wherever they saw fit would be a recipe for disaster; after all, as soon as your new home was completed, someone else could just come and build their dream house right in front of yours.  Clearly, careful management is needed when it comes to setting land aside for new house builds.

Advantages of building your own home include being able to specify just what you want at every stage of the project, from the shape of the foundations to the type of taps in the bathroom.  For people who want something a little out of the ordinary from their homes – say, a forward thinking, ecologically sound lifestyle – this can be achieved by doing a lot of research and careful planning, then sticking to your principles throughout the project.  It can be tough, but just think of the fulfilment and independence which would result from completing such a venture.

New house building can also be a good way to get more home for less money, if you’ve got the head for the figures.  By making the decisions for yourself, you can find ways to keep costs down, and an energy-efficient home will mean you can keep saving for years to come.

On the other hand, managing such a project can prove time consuming and stressful, and this is one of the main reasons building their own home remains a pipe dream for many people.  But there is another way.  By partnering with Hampshire’s best new house builders Uk homeowners can realize all the creative benefits of creating a bespoke residence, while having the weight of the paperwork and logistics removed from their shoulders.  From helping you to find a Hampshire location which ticks all your boxes, to liaising with councils and contractors, Exbury Homes work with the best new house builders in the area to deliver superlative results every time.  And since we have made our mark with new build eco homes Hampshire customers who want an efficient, future-proofed house couldn’t be in better hands.

To find out what advantages and other services we can offer new house builders Uk customers can contact us online.